Eat the Street ~ Where’s the Ramen Burger!

Honolulu Pulse captured us in the Ramen Burger line!
Honolulu Pulse captured us in the Ramen Burger line!

Have you ever had the desire to stand in line in the rainy drizzle for four hours? Maybe at Disneyland? Water parks? The County Fair? Black Friday? Social Security Office? Post Office during Christmas? DMV office?

How about for a food truck rally! Dove and I wanted to check it out. Eat the Street in Kaka’ako on Oahu had a Philippines theme in January. The infamous Ramen Burger was going to be there and they had sold out the last two times they came from New York (he has Hawaii ties). So we get there at 4:01 pm when the food trucks opened and the line was already almost across the whole parking lot. We estimated we were probably about 200 – 250 people back and they were only going to sell 500 burgers…limit 2 per person at $10 each. We were nervous. But we were also determined. If there is something new in Hawaii then it’s all the rage and everyone has to try it at least once. We crept along in line, went to the bathroom, sent someone to go buy something at another food truck for all of us to try. And we made friends. We made friends with the people in front of us, with the people behind us, and the people behind them. Then our friends showed up. We called them to bring us an adult cocktail. Best. idea. ever. Some cut in line with us, some friends we had to kick out of line. Then Pulse photographer took a picture of our rowdy gang. At 8:01 pm, four hours later, we were at the front of the line. It was dark. We tried to get good pics of the tiny 3′ x 2′ grill (no wonder it was so slow!!!) and paid our cash for a delicious warm ramen burger. They took el dente ramen noodles, put them in a patty press then grilled them. These became the “buns.” The burger was tender and tasty. It was topped with arugula and a secret sauce that supposedly takes six hours to make. I’m skeptical. These Ramen Burgers were delicious!!! I don’t know if they were 4 hours delicious…I would stand in line for 20 minutes maybe. And you can buy copycat saimin burgers from one of the 183 L&L Drive Inns but I don’t know if it would be the same.

Ramen Burger, Eat the Street, Food Trucks
Ramen Burger, Eat the Street, Food Trucks

3 thoughts on “Eat the Street ~ Where’s the Ramen Burger!”

    1. I honestly haven’t been near an L&L or I would compare it. I suspect the wait and the cost is a lot less but that also means the quality of meat, food, love, flavor and ultimate goodness is also lost 🙂

      1. I think L&L’s version would be lackluster without the 3-day sauce, green onions, and high-quality egg noodles.

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